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6 Strategies for Bringing More Educators of Color to Your Team

This is part of a series on recruiting and retaining teachers of color, presented in collaboration with leader Sharif El-Mekki. The first post, on focusing on the prerequisites for recruitment, can be found here.  By now, most school leaders are familiar with the research that all students benefit when they learn from Black educators and […]

7 Principal–Tested Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week is here! For leaders like you, showing appreciation doesn’t always have to involve elaborate gestures. It can be as simple as sharing heartfelt words or offering teachers the gift of time.  Here are 7 ideas from leaders in the Principal Project community:

#PrincipalOfficeHours: 5 Self-Care Strategies for School Leaders

“My self-care strategy is simple: look for something to laugh about and someone to laugh with.” – David Golden, principal in Fayetteville, TN “Normalize healthy habits as the leader. You don’t have to be first to school or last to leave. You don’t need to email at all hours. Breaks are okay – and needed. […]